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Although Cantonese is our local language, English can help us spread the content globally. For this real-time course on Google Meet, the instructor will conduct all the content in English.

Eyesgrin Creative animation course (basic) – Commercial animation course

Both the date and time stated are based on Hong Kong’s time zone (UTC+8). Please check the location of your time through a Time Zone converter website like below:

This course’s content can be found on our website’s home page (Please use Chrome browser to translate to English): (This course will only cover the basic part on the left side)

Please also check out our animation references on our home page, so you understand what you can do after this course:

Practical exercises will be given to you during the live course. The instructor will answer the question immediately from you through Google Meet.

Students can continue to ask all their questions even after the lessons (no time limit)

If you purchase the advance course at Eyesgrin Creative in the future, you can earn our ERC20 cryptocurrency – Eyesgrin Coins for FREE and also in the future. By doing this, you are participating in developing an original animation sharing platform similar to but unlike youtube. Please check the following link to learn more about – Eyesgrin Coin Usage And Purpose.

(Eyesgrin Coins are not provided to the students that just took this live course)

Purchasing this Live course allows you to join our MeWe student group and interact with other students in this animation course.

A confirmation email will be sent to you after you confirmed the date and time of this Live course, we will also tell you the preparations you need in the email for this Live course.

If you have any enquiries, feel free to reach us.

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